React Native

React Native Workshops, dedicated for those who would love to mix the weather of internet and mobile development, by suggests that of JavaScript. throughout the workshops, the participants can have an opportunity to create a straightforward app. we are going to introduce some typical issues that will occur and justify a way to wear down them. Moreover, we are going to gift the event of associate degree app and what it's going to rouse our project. we tend to are over happy to ask each the net and mobile developer.

About Workshop

The Workshop focuses on the way to build native iOS and android app exploitation React Native such it will simply be extended to any platform like Windows Phone, Web, Desktop, lepton and even VR*.

In short, the workshop can specialize in the way to write/structure your React Native apps such they share eightieth of the ASCII text file (all the Business logic) across all platforms and solely rewrite the read or layout layer (rest 20%) otherwise for various platforms. we are going to do live setup of one platform (iOS) React Native app and that we are going to be adding every platform step by step extending out app to multiple platforms. The speak can introduce code conventions and tools which will accelerate development with React Native.

Workshop Module:-

  • Greetings and tech check
  • Intro to React and React Native
  • Hack (Build basic list app with React)
  • Foundational components in React Native
  • Convert your app list from React to React Native
  • Dewools walk through
  • Get comfy with dev tools
  • Intro to styling
  • Hack (style our App)
  • Redux and state management
  • Hack (Integrate Redux into our App)
  • Fetch API and networking
  • Hack (Integrate API interaction into our App)
  • Go over designs for app
  • Hack (setup routing)
  • Creating reusable components
  • Hack (create components for our App)
  • Installing 3rd party native UI components
  • Async and Redux
  • Hack (Add API calls to redux)
  • Animations
  • Hack (add animations to our App)
  • Testing
  • Hack (Add Unit and Integration tests)
  • Going further and resources

Duration: The term of this workshop will be two continuous days.

Certification Policy:-

  • Testament of Merit for all the workshop members.
  • Toward the finish of this workshop, a little rivalry will be sorted out among the partaking understudies and victors will be granted with an “Certificate of Excellence”.
  • Testament of Coordination for the facilitators of the ground’s workshops.


  • Introduction with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Declaration of Participation by Hack7.