Python is a programming language that gives you a chance to work all the more rapidly and incorporate your frameworks all the more viably. You can figure out how to utilize Python and see relatively immediately gains in efficiency, productivity and lower upkeep costs.

Python is a powerful programming language that is utilized in a wide variety of application domains. Python is regularly compared with Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java. A portion of its key distinctive highlights include:

  • Clear, discernible sentence structure
  • Solid contemplation abilities
  • Instinctive protest introduction
  • Characteristic articulation of procedural code
  • Full seclusion, supporting various leveled bundles
  • Special case-based blunder taking care of
  • High level powerful information composes
  • Broad standard libraries and outsider modules for all intents and purposes each assignment
  • Expansions and modules effortlessly written in C, C++ (or Java for Python,or .NET dialects for Iron Python)
  • Embedded inside applications as a scripting interface.

Application Domains:-
  • Web and Internet Development
  • Database Access
  • Work area GUIs
  • Logical and Numeric Computing
  • Instruction
  • System Programming
  • Programming Development
  • Diversion and 3D Graphics
Organizations utilizing Python:-
  • Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, CERN, NASA, ILM, ITA and numerous more!
Workshop Modules
  • Python Interpreter
  •  Kit n shebang code
  • Executable Python Script
  • Intelligent Python
  • Python linguistic structure
  • Factors
  • Contingent Statements
  • Administrators and Loops
  • One-liners
  • Data Structures
  • Records and Tuples
  • Sets
  • String Formatting
  • Perusing and Writing Files
  • User defined Functions
  • Catchphrase contentions
  • Lambda frames Built-in capacities
  • Date and Time
  • Standard Libraries (Useful Modules)
  • UI and Interaction
  • Checking
  • Special case Handling
  • Class
  • Occasion Method
  • Class Method
  • Object
  • Inheritence
  • Database Connectivity
  • Iterators
  • Generators


  • Introduction with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Declaration of Participation by Hack7.

Certification Policy:

  • Authentication of Merit for all the workshop members.
  • Toward the finish of this workshop, a little rivalry will be sorted out among the partaking understudies and champs will be granted with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.
  • Testament of Coordination for the facilitators of the ground’s workshops

Duration: The term of this workshop will be two back to back days.