JavaScript is THE programming language of the web. From humble beginnings as a scripting dialect running basic code in the program, JavaScript has become a language of decision for front-end advancement, as well as server- side programming. JavaScript is the establishment for some regularly utilized libraries (e.g. jQuery) and structures (e.g. AngularJS, ReactJS and NodeJS). Its omnipresent nature has made it a standout amongst the most prominent and sought-after aptitude, fundamental for any web engineer in the present occupation advertise.
About this workshop
Find the concepts of JavaScript in this 2-day workshop. This early on workshop will take you through the basics of JavaScript - factors, capacities, clusters, objects and so on. You'll additionally figure out how to utilize JavaScript in site pages through the program objects. While this process you'll be taking an interest in tests, riddles and assignments. At last, you'll be applying your recently picked up learning of JavaScript towards a Some projects.

Workshop Module:-

language Basics
  • Prologue to JavaScript Language Fundamentals
  • Factors and Primitive Data Types
  • Variable Scopes, Scope chain and Hoisting
  • Utilizing ArraysExpressions, Operators and Operator Precedence
  • Control stream – Branching and Looping
  • Capacities
Prologue to Functions
  • Capacity Declaration and Usage
  • Capacity Hoisting
  • Dealing with Variable Number of Arguments and Types
  • Callbacks – Passing Functions as Arguments
  • Returning Functions
  • Articles
Prologue to Objects
  • Protest Declaration utilizing Literal Syntax
  • Getting to Properties and Methods
  • Including and Deleting Properties
  • The Class in JavaScript
  • Capacities setting (this catchphrase) and the Constructor Function
  • Prologue to the Object Prototype and Prototype Chain
  • Prologue to Built-in Classes and Objects in the JavaScript Language
  • Protest
  • Capacity – Functions as Objects
  • Cluster
  • Date
  • JSON
  • Crude Type Wrappers – Number, Boolean, String
  • Blunder HANDLING
Prologue to Handling blunder situations
  • Strict Mode Execution
  • Blunder Handling Events
  • Blunder Objects
  • Special case Handling utilizing try..catch..finally and toss
Prologue to Objects the Browser Creates, the Document Object Model(DOM) and
  • Window
  • Record
  • Pilot
  • Area
  • history
  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • The DOM Tree, Nodes and Node Types
  • Hub Relationships and DOM Tree Traversal
  • Hub properties and strategies for DOM Manipulation
  • Occasion Handling
  • Different Browser Events
  • The Event Flow – Event Bubbling
  • Distinctive Ways to Handle Events
  • Occasion Object Properties and Methods
  • Propelled TOPICS
  • Brief Introduction to Topics That Serve as Next Steps in Learning JS and Web Development
  • ES6 highlights and the Babel transpiler
  • JQuery
  • MEAN Stack for Full-stack Web Development – MongoDB, Express,Angular, Node.js

Duration: The term of this workshop will be two continuous days.

Certification Policy:-

  • Testament of Merit for all the workshop members.
  • Toward the finish of this workshop, a little rivalry will be sorted out among the partaking understudies and victors will be granted with an“Certificate of Excellence”.
  • Testament of Coordination for the facilitators of the ground’s workshops.


  • Introduction with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Declaration of Participation by Hack7.