The times of composing separate code for iOS and Android are over with the appearance of Flutter. This two-day shared Flutter and Dart course gives you a complete comprehension of the prescribed procedures and employments of Flutter, starting with a prologue to the Dart language.

Join our master on everything Flutter, as they direct you through how to apply the Flutter structure to definitely accelerate and streamline your versatile improvement endeavors. Meet and team up with different engineers to merge what you realize and to discover better approaches to apply your abilities to current and future undertakings.

Who you will learn with

Versatile and web application engineers who either have past involvement with Flutter and wish to invigorate and expand on their current aptitudes, or those with past Java, JavaScript or Swift experience anxious to investigate better approaches to enhance their improvement endeavors.

Instructions to apply these aptitudes

On the off chance that your association is spending assets on creating for the two iOS and Android, or have abstained from creating on the two stages because of cost, this Flutter and Dart course will give you basic aptitudes and learning to drastically enhance both your productivity and the UX of your items.

Workshop Modules:-

Introduction to Dart (Essential comprehension of Dart grammar and basics)
  • Factors: var, last, const
  • Sort framework
  • Strings and String Interpolation
  • Records
  • Capacities
  • Classes
  • Testing
  • Bar and Dart Packages
Flutter: First App and Layout Basics
  • Making another Flutter application
  • Widget app/MaterialApp
  • Working with topics to change the shading plan of your application
  • Utilizing Hot Reload!!!
  • Framework
  • Making an AppBar
  • Introduction to the Text Widget
  • Including a FloatingActionButton
  • Introduction to the Icon Widget
  • Line/Column/Expanded
  • Compartments for Margin, Padding, Backgrounds, Shadows, Borders, and so on.
  • Pictures
  • Making your own Stateless Widgets
  • Exercise: Convert progressively troublesome plans into Flutter Widgets.
  • Working with ListView
  • Populating the List with Cards and ListTile
  • Boundlessly Scrolling Lists with ListView.builder
  • GridView
  • Dealing with introduction changes
  • Working with Keys
  • Exercise: Use past Designs to populate an ordinary ListView, GridView, and StaggeredGridView
Signals and Stateful Widgets
  • Gesture Detector and Inkwell
  • Stateful Widget
  • Passing information to Widgets
  • Passing capacities to refresh State
  • Exercise: Using FloatingActionButton to refresh State, make a Custom Button that updates State, make a Tabbed Bottom Navigation that enables you to switch between tabs

Building an App:-

  • Working with the Navigator
  • Pushing new Routes
  • Pushing names courses
  • Sending information back to a Parent Screen
  • Working with Hero advances
  • Exercise: Create an application that explores 3 screens profound, passing information end route and pull out. Extend Goal: Use Hero movements to make it extravagant
Systems administration
  • Utilizing http customer to bring information from the web
  • Working with Futures and async capacities
  • Changing over JSON into Dart Objects
  • Present json_serializable for changing over json without composing everything by hand, yet don’t center around it
  • Showing the information as a List with a Future Builder Widget
  • Making Authenticated Calls to a web benefit
  • Exercise: Fetch a List of information from the JSONPlaceholder programming interface. Extend Goal: Use json_serializable to change over json

Direction: The length of this workshop will be two sequential days.


  • Introduction with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Declaration of Participation by Hack7.

Certification Policy:-

  • Authentication of Merit for all the workshop members.
  • Toward the finish of this workshop, a little rivalry will be sorted out among the taking an interest understudies and victors will be granted with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.
  • Declaration of Coordination for the organizers of the ground’s workshops.