Cloud Computing

Talking about the survey, Computation tasks for example, word processing were impossible without the establishment of application software on a clients PC. A client purchased a permit for every application from a product seller and acquired the privilege to install the application on one PC framework. Distributed computing varies from the exemplary customer server display by giving applications from a server that are executed and overseen by a customers internet browser, with no introduced customer adaptation of an application required. Centralization gives service providers of cloud a fully command over the various versions of applications according to the browsers gave to customers, which expels the requirement for adaptation redesigns or permit administration on individual user’s computing devices.

Workshop Module:-

Prologue to the cloud
  • What is a cloud?
  • Where did the cloud originate from? History, development, and so forth.
  • What a cloud isnt: Grid, parallel figuring, VM, and so forth.
  • Qualities of distributed computing
What makes a cloud?
  • Capacity Virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • System virtualization
Hands-on showing of distributed computing
  • Making a record on the cloud
  • Beginning a server case
  • Assigning stockpiling and different assets
  • Sending an application
Distributed computing Service Models
  • Framework as a Service (IAAS)
  • Stage as a Service (PAAS)
  • Programming as a Service (SAAS)
Distributed computing sending models
  • Open Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Network Cloud
  • Half and half Cloud
Points of interest of distributed computing
  • Cost show change (Capex to Opex as it were)
  • Decrease in expense of proprietorship (TCO)
  • On-request versatility
  • Unwavering quality
  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Convenience
  • Decrease in task overheads
Challenges of distributed computing
  • Security
  • Information security
  • Execution
  • Accessibility
Cloud suppliers and their contributions
  •  Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google
Amazon Web Services
  • Administrations offered by Amazon
  • Hands-on Amazon
  • EC2 – Configuring a server, Launching a case
  • S3-Allocating stockpiling basins,
  • Making gatherings, questions and basin strategies
Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Microsoft Windows Azure design
  • Administrations offered by Microsoft Azure
  • Hands on Azure
  • Making and sending an application on Azure
  • Moving a current application to Azure
  • Moving the applications information to SQL Azure
Introduction to from Sales compel
  • Foundation as an administration
  • Database as an administration
  • Joining as an administration
  • Rationale as an administration
  • UI as an administration

Advancement as an administration

Overseeing the Cloud

Server Provisioning
  • Scope organization
  • Step by step instructions to arrangement servers in cloud
  • What kind of server do I require?
  • Best practices
Providing Security
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • The most effective method to guarantee security inside cloud
  • Firewall and security gatherings
Reinforcement/Recovery of information
  • Reinforcements
  • Reinforcement procedure
  • Where to spare reinforcement
  • Reestablish activities
High Availability - HA
  • The most effective method to guarantee accessibility
  • Provisioning crosswise over zones (Physical server farms for accessibility)
  • Versatile IPs for high accessibility
Server checking and Performance observing
  • Checking required in the cloud
  • Checking instruments accessibility
  • Execution checking
  • Changes to enhance execution and accessibility

Direction: The term of this workshop will be two continuous days, with eight hour session every day in a sum of sixteen hours legitimately separated into hypothesis and hands on sessions.

Certification Policy:

  • Declaration of Merit for all the workshop members.
  • Toward the finish of this workshop, a little rivalry will be sorted out among the taking an interest understudies and victors will be granted with an Endorsement of Excellence.
  • Endorsement of Coordination for the facilitators of the grounds workshops.


  • Introduction with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Declaration of Participation by Hack7.


Installation Configuration of Microsoft server 2008 R2 Server Operating System, domain AD-DS, configuring Server –Client Model. Installing the Hyper-V, configuring virtual machines, including Snapshots, failover clustering with High Availability on Virtual network. In which the Software kit (cd) will be used.

Workshop information

Duration: 2 days