Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open source web improvement structure intended to get neatly coded applications up and running with the base of time and the most extreme of software engineer joy (and were dead serious, developer joy is one of Rubys authentic objectives!). In case you're searching for a way into making exceptionally practical web applications with every one of the fancy odds and ends in the briefest conceivable time and with the slightest conceivable torment, learning Ruby on Rails is a decent decision.

HACK7 is a development affiliation which gives competent arranging 6 Months Training in Ruby on Rails Training with spotlight on specific limits and data for a specific business work. HACK7 moreover gives brief occupation chances to new graduated class understudies and the general population who need to take an interest in their calling being made. HACK7 gives able arranging in JavaScript to help the understudys change from instructive seeing how to competent learning.

Six Months Training Course Module:-

Operating System and Work Environment
  • The Command Line
  • Disk Space and Organization
  • Software Requirements
Rails, Breadth First
  • Welcome to Ruby on Rails
  • What Rails Does (and Does for You)
  • Inside MVC in Rails
  • How Separate are the MVC Layers?
  • A Guided Tour of a Small (But Working!) Rails App
  • The Rails Application Directory Structure
  • Connecting to a Rails Application
  • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
  • Some Pre-Auction Housekeeping
Ruby Skills and Tools
  • Running Ruby Programs
  • IRB (Interactive Ruby)
  • Objects and Methods
  • Classes
  • Strings and Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Modules
  • Control Flow and Conditionals
  • Instance Variables and Attributes
  • Iterators
  • Sorting Collections
  • Filtering Collections
Domain Modeling and ActiveRecord
  • ActiveRecord Overview
  • Domain Modeling, Ruby, and Rails
  • Programming the Domain
  • Creating the Database Tables
  • The Rails Application Console
Routing and Responses
  • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
  • URL Recognition and Routing
  • Named Routes and URL Generation
  • Resource Routing
  • Creating Controllers and Views
  • Understanding ERB Templates
  • Displaying and Processing Forms in Rails
Exploring ActiveRecord Techniques
  • Getting into ActiveRecord
  • Refining AR Associations
  • Many-to-Many Associations with “Through”
  • Miscellaneous Custom Methods in the Models
  • ActiveRelation Basics
  • Ruby’s Test Framework
  • From Minitest to Rails Testing
  • Functional Tests
Data Validation with ActiveRecord
  • Validating ActiveRecord Objects
  • The Role of the Controller in Validating Data
  • Examples of Selected Validation Methods
Exploring ActionPack
  • ActionPack, the Composite Library
  • Custom Helper Methods
  • Partial Templates
  • The Session Hash
  • Controller Filters
  • Differential Responses
  • XML with Builder
Users and Bids
  • Consolidating Your Gains
  • The Results
Using CSS and JavaScript
  • Testing titles (Red)
  • Adding page titles (Green)
  • Layouts and embedded Ruby (Refactor)
  • Setting the root route
  • The Basic Asset Pipeline Architecture
  • AJAX