Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives a basic method to get to servers, stockpiling, databases and a wide arrangement of use benefits over the Internet. A Cloud administrations stage, for example, Amazon Web Services possesses and keeps up the system associated equipment required for these application administrations, while your arrangement and utilize what you require by means of a web application.

6 Weeks Training on CLOUD COMPUTING from HACK7 assist understudies with exploring best market standard patterns of CLOUD COMPUTING. Preparing will influence understudies to figure out how to digest valuable data separated in cloud structure and how CLOUD COMPUTING helps individuals all around world to get to information without establishment and download. Undertaking usage and upgraded hypothesis of these ideas will enable understudies to see every one of these parts of CLOUD COMPUTING. Cloud computing is a progressive innovation which has had a solid effect in recent decades in IT parts. It has cleared another approach to expand the ability of your system without making another foundation. This should be possible by its compensation per utilize benefit. Greater brands of IT like AMAZON, SUN and IBM are utilizing CLOUD COMPUTING innovation offering stockpiling and virtual stockpiling on interest. Some specialist organizations additionally utilize it as virtual datacenters and flexible servers on demand. Memory, I/O, stockpiling and computational limit cooperate with the assistance of LIQUID Q'S virtual asset pool accessible over system. Overseen specialist co-ops give oversaw benefits through CLOUD COMPUTING. This incorporates infection filtering or application checking. Desktop administration and cloud-based enemy of spam benefit is additionally a piece of these administrations.

Six Weeks Training Course Module:-

Overview of Cloud
  • What is cloud computing ?
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Characteristics and Service Models (SAAS,PAAS,IAAS)
  • Deployment Models
Developing Own Application
  • Creating a New App
  • Creating Fields
  • Managing Record
Create Custom Object and Application
  • Create custom Objects
  • Relate the objects
  • Create Tabs.
  • Assign tabs with objects
  • Create a relation Record
Using Formulas and Validation Rules
  • Create a Formula
  • Calculating line item
  • Play with a Roll-up Summary Field
  • Play with Validation Rule
  • Test the Validation Rule
  • Improve the Validation Rule
Automation Processes Using Workflow
  • Create Workflow
  • Manage Approvals
  • Define Workflow Rules
  • Test the workflow Rules
  • Creating an Approval Process
  • Email Template
Create New Approval Process
  • Create a Custom Profile
  • Create or manage a User
  • Test the Approval Process
Creating Report and Dashboards
  • Create a Tabular Report
  • Create a Matrix Report
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Create a Summary Report
Adding Programmatic Logic With Apex
  • Create an Apex TRIGGER definition
  • Define a List Variable
  • Iterate Through the List and filds
Adding Tests to Your App
  • Create Apex Test Classes
  • Test Methods to the class
  • Write Code to Execute the Trigger
  • Execute the Test
Building Custom User Interface Using Visual forces
  • Create a Visual forcepage
  • Add a Stylesheet Static Resource
  • Add a Controller to the pages
  • Display the information on Visualforce page
  • Add Inline Editing Support
  • Deployment Model
  • Introduction to Lightning