HACK7 gives constant and situation centered Android 6 Months Project based Industrial Training in Noida for MTech Btech CSE, MCA, BCA students who have their profound interest in Designing and developing Applications. HACK7’s a 6-month Android confirmation course incorporates fundamental to cutting edge level and a half year Android course is intended to get the arrangement in great MNC organizations in Noida as fast as once you finish the Android instructional class. Our Android coaches are Android accreditation ensured specialists and experienced working experts with hands on continuous numerous Android ventures knowledge. We have structured our Android course substance and prospectus constructed preparing in light of understudies necessity to accomplish everybody s vocation objective. In our Android preparing program, you will learn Components of an Android, Android ongoing undertaking and Android accreditation position preparing.

Six Months Training Course Module:-

Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Android
  • Brief history of Android
  • What is Android?
  • Why is Android important?
  • What benefits does Android have?
  • What is OHA?
  • Why to choose Android?
  • Software architecture of Android
  • Advantages of Android
  • Android features
  • Android market
  • Comparing Android with other platform
Getting Started
  • How to select Android version?
  • Step to create new project
  • Running Your Application
  • Creation of New AVD
  • Creating run configuration
  • Creating your first Android activity
  • List of basic sample programs
Android Component Life Cycle
  • Activity Life Cycle with sample program
  • Service Life Cycle with sample program
Android Layouts
  • What are views, Layouts and there classification?
  • How Android Draws views and Layout?
  • Classification
  • Table Layout ln detail with Example
  • Tab Layout ln detail with Example
  • Frame Layout ln detail with Example
  • Linear Layout in detail with Example
Android Views
  • Grid View in Detail with Example
  • Map View In detail with Example
  • Cont. Sub Topical Views
  • Web View In detail with Example
  • Spinner In detail with Example
  • Gallery In detail with Example
  • Google Map View In detail with Example
  • Introduction to creating activity user with views
  • Different ways of creating views Using xml
What are Fragments?
  • Multipane & Singlepane
  • Fragment Life Cycle
  • Addition of Fragments
  • Fragments Working without UI
Introduction to Menus
  • How to create menus?
  • Types of Android Application Menus
  • Option Menu
  • Expanded – In detail with Example
  • Context Menu ln detail with example
  • Sub Menu-In detail with example
Introduction to Drawers
  • Simple Side Drawer
  • Tab Drawer
  • Extra Drawer
Handling User Interaction Events
  • Handling user events
  • Different types of event listener
  • OnClickO
  • OnLongClickO
  • OnFocusChangeO
  • OnKeyO
  • OnTouchO
  • OnCreateContextMenuO
  • Different types of event handler
  • OnKeyDown (int, KeyEvent)
  • OnKeyUp (int, KeyEvent)
  • OnTrackballEvent (MotionEvent)
  • OnTouchEvent (MotionEvent)
  • OnFocusChanged (boolean,int,Rect)
Creating Dialogs
  • Introduction to dialogs
  • Showing and dismissing of dialog boxes
  • Alert dialog In detail with example
  • Progress dialog In detail with example
  • Threading and handler
  • Creating running applications-Events
  • Creating running applications-Dialogs
  • Notifying Users
  • Status bar Notification
  • Toast Notification
  • Dialog Notification
Intents, Broadcast Receivers
  • Different types of intent?
  • Launching sub-activities
  • What is intent filter
  • Intent objects—In detail with example
  • Using intents to take pictures
  • Handling sub activity results
Data Storage
  • Android techniques for data storage
  • Creating and saving shared preferences
  • Retrieving shared preferences
  • Storing in files
  • Loading from files.
  • Storing in databases.
Working with SQL Lite
  • Working with Android databases.
  • Using SQLite OpenHelper.
  • Cursors and content values.
  • Opening and closing Database
Working in Background
  • Introducing services
  • Creating and controlling services
  • Registering a service in the manifest
  • Starting, controlling, and interacting with a service
Using the Camera, Taking Pictures and the Media AP
  • Controlling the camera and taking pictures
  • Playing audio and video
Introduction SMS
  • Using SMS and MMS in Your Application
  • Sending SMS and MMS from your Application
  • Using Intents and the Native Client
  • Sending SMS Messages Manually
  • Tracking and Conforming SMS Message Delivery
  • Conforming to the Maximum SMS
  • Message Size Sending DAT Messages
Android Telephony
  • Lanching the Dialer to Initiate Phone
  • Calls Replacing the Native Dialer
  • Accessing phone and Network Properties & Status
  • Reading Phone Device Details
  • Reading Data Connection and Transfer State
  • Reading Network Details
Sensor Device
  • Using sensors and the sensor manager
  • Introducing Sensors
  • Supported Android Sensers
  • Finding Sensors
  • Using Sensors
  • Interpreting the sensor values
  • Using the compass , accelerometer and orientation sensors
  • Introducing Accelerometers
  • Detecting Acceleration Changes
  • Creating a G-Forceometer
Web Services with Architecture(Project Based)
  • What are webservices
  • Web service Architecture
  • Asyn task
  • Parsing Techniques JSON, XML
  • Consuming WebServices
  • CRUD over Server
JSON(Project Based)
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Advantage of JSON over XML
  • Synatx & Structure of JSON
  • Why is JSON is preferred for mobile applications
  • Different types JSON Parsers, simple json
Volley Library(Project Based)
  • Introducation Volley Library
  • Volley Library Advantages
  • Volley Library Components
  • How to setup the environment
  • Creating Volley singleton class
  • Different Types of Requests
  • Adding request headers
  • Handling Volley Cache
Retrofit(Project Based)
  • Retrofit introduction
  • Add library in Gradle
  • Configure Web API
Git implementation(Project Based)
  • Get contents
  • Create a file
  • Update a file
  • Delete a file
  • Get archive link
  • Custom media types
Kotlin OverView
  • What is new in Kotlin
  • Kotlin setup process
  • IntelliJ IDEA installation Process
  • Program concept
  • Run first App
  • Variable Concept
  • Define Variables
  • Var vs Val
  • Input data – ReadLine
  • Add Comments
  • Null safety
Operation and priorities
  • Convert between Data Type
  • Math operations.
  • Priorites
  • Increment and Decrement
  • What is the Output
  • Debug your Code step by step
Decision Making
  • Logic statement
  • Simple IF
  • IF- Else
  • IF- ElseIF
  • Nested IF
  • When
  • Expression If and When.
Loop Control
  • Simple For Loop
  • Nested For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • Returns and Jumps
Collections and Strings
  • String
  • One-Dimension Array structure
  • One-Dimension Array implementation
  • ArrayList
  • HashMapmapOf, Arrayof, listOf and mutableListOf
  • setOf and mutableSetOf
  • Simple Function
  • Function Overload
  • Polymorphism
  • Global and Local Variables
Object Oriented Programming
  • What is oops
  • Simple Class
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • Overriding
  • Casting
  • super and this
  • interface
  • Abstract
  • Generic
  • Extensions
  • Packages
  • Inner and Nested Class
  • Lazy and Singleton design pattern